Top 5 Daily Fantasy Football Podcasts

Ranking the Top 5 Daily Fantasy Football Podcasts

In my opinion podcasts are the single best resource for gathering information needed to win in daily fantasy football outside of your own hands-on research.  There are a lot of daily fantasy football podcasts out there but if you aren’t careful the wrong one can lead you astray.  I have searched every nook and cranny of iTunes and Stitcher and have found the must listen podcasts for every daily fantasy manager.  I have excluded season long podcasts that have started to dedicate a segment or two to daily fantasy.  While there may be some valuable information I wanted to give you the podcasts dedicated to helping you win at daily fantasy sports.


Fantasy Insiders: Daily Fantasy Blueprint

Daily Fantasy Football Blueprint











This podcast from takes you from clueless beginner to feared competitor is 20 short episodes that are packed to the brim with daily fantasy football knowledge.  Hosts David Loughran and Davis Mattek give you foundational knowledge, basic strategy, and advanced tactics while wasting not one second on needless information.  This is an absolute must for anyone new to daily fantasy football.  I would also recommend this for experienced daily fantasy sports player although the first few episodes can be skipped.  There is little slate specific analysis in this series so no matter when you jump into daily fantasy football you should start with this podcast.  The most robust yet efficient podcast for beginners you will find out there.

The Daily Fantasy Football Edge

The Daily Fantasy Football Edge












This may be a new podcast but The Daily Fantasy Football Edge will quickly become one of the most popular.  Adam Levitan, Al Zeidenfeld, and Peter Jennings combine forces to be a dream team of daily fantasy players.  Peter Jennings also known as CSURam88 won the 2014 DraftKings Fantasy Baseball Championship taking home the $1 million top prize.  It may be hard to believe but this is only the beginning of the success these three have had in the industry.  In this podcast presented by DraftKings you get first class analysis from 3 daily fantasy gamers who not only can breakdown slates with the best of them but have put this analysis into play and achieved the highest level of success in DFS.  I am willing to say this is the best information you will find out there and having been around for Al and Peter’s time on Grinders Live I can assure you they don’t hold anything back.


Fantasy Insiders GPP Daily Fantasy Podcast

Daily Fantasy Insiders GPP Podcast








 is at it again with the Fantasy Insiders GPP Podcast.  They call it the breakfast of champions and I am in no position to disagree.  This podcast series spans pretty much every daily fantasy sport you can think of but each episode is titled clearly so that you can find the daily fantasy football podcasts quickly.  In contrast to the Blueprint, the GPP Podcast is a daily installment that covers slate specific analysis to help you each and every week.  Davis Mattek, Evan Silva, Dan Gaspar, and many of the other great DFS minds at Fantasy Insiders team up to bring you in depth analysis and daily fantasy football strategy.  This is a great tool to add to your daily fantasy football toolbox.


RotoGrinders Daily Fantasy Fix

RotoGrinders Daily Fantasy Fix













RotoGrinders holds a very special place in my daily fantasy heart.  This was the podcast that turned me onto daily fantasy sports and forever changed my life. is not only a website full of great analysis but it is in my opinion the greatest community in daily fantasy sports.  There is a lot that you can gain from checking out RotoGrinders so just take my word for it and bookmark the site as soon as you are done reading this.  As far as the podcast, it is much like the Fantasy Insiders GPP as it covers all of the daily fantasy sports and is the best as far as reporting industry news.  While a lot of the great RG analyst have moved on to even bigger roles in the industry, the team as it stands today is just as skilled and capable of giving to the edge you need.  While the podcast is dedicated to much more than just daily fantasy football there is a lot to be gained from the NFL specific analysis.

DFS MVP presented by 4 for 4 Fantasy Football

DFS MVP - 4 for 4 Fantays Football













Daily Fantasy’s Most Valauable Podcast is another new series but 4 for 4 Football seems to have a good grip on what it takes to win at daily fantasy sports.  Chris Raybon and T.J. Hernandez give great analysis and strategy for each slate in the NFL.  While this team may not be as established in the daily fantasy sports industry as the guys from The Daily Fantasy Football Edge, it doesn’t mean the podcast is lacking in valuable information.  I am excited to see this podcast grow over time and see how much on an impact 4 for 4 can make in the DFS analysis world.


Daily Fantasy Football Podcast Honorable Mentions

The Pat Mayo Hour – Apart of the Fantasy Sports Network Pat Mayo is my go to for daily fantasy golf but the NFL installment can provide its own value if you can fit it into your schedule.

DailyRoto Daily Fantasy Sports Community Broadcast – I am not a huge fan of Tony Cincotta’s style but the information he gives is very useful and backed with a strong knowledge of the daily fantasy game.  Feel free to give it a shot as it might be more so my personal tastes than anything else for why this didn’t make the top 5.


Thank you for checking out this article and please also check out my podcast which you can find on iTunes and Twitter by searching for Daily Fantasy Sports Advisor.  Have I missed a diamond in the rough?  If you are willing to give up your edge on the competition let me know in the comments section of a podcast you find helpful in the daily fantasy football world.




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